These are some the books that I’m currently reading or have read.



Nice introduction to linear algebra that doesn’t spend too much time with explicit basis

Great introductory book to algebra

Nice overview of several topics with various choices of what to check out

Really I only used it to learn homological algebra lol


As long as a rough intuition of calculus is there, this book is suitable to read before real analysis

Other than the second chapter which is overly dense with topological definitions, the others are great

Nice exposition to measure theory and complex analysis from a more measure theoretic persepctive. Measure theory part (ch 1-9) is great as an intro and the complex analysis is good after you know the basics.


Number Theory

First two chapters are quite nice, tho some commutative algebra experience would really help with going through the content, third chapter is cute while the class field therory is a rather unique approach that may not be the best, but still rather interesting


Good book once you are comfortable with writing Lagrangians

I’d highly recommend this book for anyone looking to learn Special Relativity (+ Relativistic Electromagnetism). However the General Relativity section is rather questionable since it just tensor wacking which I don’t really like.